Provide the ultimate experience with our robot server

  • Able to deliver food and bus tables
  • Advanced obstacle avoidance
Our server robot has all the specifications and features needed to provide high-quality service with maximum efficiency. Experience true reliability and become the talk of the town with your Matradee robot.

18 Hours
Battery life

80+ lbs
Carrying capacity


The Matradee L thrives in any environment


Our robot server excels in restaurant environments with tight passageways.

Senior Living Homes

Senior living homes are the perfect environment for the Matradee L.


Bring the excitement of modern technology to the floor of your casino!
Intelligently Safe

Advanced obstacle avoidance

Equipped with LIDAR and AI camera technology, the Matradee L is an expert at quickly and effectively avoiding unexpected obstacles. If an object remains in the Matradee L’s path, it will go around it and continue its work.
Productive Collaboration

Multi-robot functioning

Why have one serving robot when you can have several? Our robot can be programmed to work seamlessly with other Matradee Ls, paving the way for a fully autonomous restaurant.
Smart Advertising

Custom advertising platform

With a battery life of 12 hours, the Matradee X will be able to work a full shift at any restaurant. At the end of the day, it will automatically return to it’s charging pile to fill up for the next day.

Practical Utility

Three to four adjustable trays

The Matradee L can be equipped with up to four trays that can each hold 22lbs. The height of these trays is adjustable, so that the Matradee L can serve your specific needs.

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