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in Every Cup:
Let Botbar robot
Brew Your coffee.

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Generate revenue with this friendly, two-armed productivity robot

our stores in oakland & New York

Botbar Robot Barista pouring Foamy Hazelnut Latte Art of Robot Coffee-Making

Next-gen service
automation innovation

Meet Beverage Bot

Now applying to become a key member of your staff

▪ High-performer
▪ Thrives in fast-paced environments
▪ Precise and consistent
▪ Highly adaptable
▪ Reliable- never takes a sick day
▪ Passionate about service

Robot Barista

crafts each coffee beverage with precision and care.

Starting with Organic Coffee Beans, our espresso is brewed to perfection with precise temperature control. The Robot Barista 🤖 makes each drink to order–with fresh grounds and ingredients–for the very best taste.


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